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Rise of Dynasty: Three Kingdoms - An Overview

Brand new Asia server has been launched! Who will be the winner? Come and challenge it!

The battle horns had sounded! Rise of Dynasty: Three Kingdoms (ROD) has prepared a vast and magnificent battlefield of chaos for players. There are 4 states, 16 factions and 2 million squares waiting for dominations!

However, the individual is not strong enough to resist the powerful war machines! Only when you join the alliance and gather your Allies can you contend with the enemies from all directions. ROD is featured with the PC-Level realistic graphics, varied strategic gameplay, innovative formation modes and unique warriors’ dispatch functions. In the multivariate sand table world, players are able to recruit troops, gather Allies, survive and grow in the most competitive environment under the law of jungle, which lead them to the dragon throne of a true conqueror.

Lonely wolves die, pack wolves live. It's impossible for the individual to compete with the force power of three kingdoms. Only by joining the alliance and gathering the strength of the masses can players overcome the enemy and win! Thousands of players are ready to fight fiercely. Now join your allies and attack cities to complete the ultimate achievement of the legacy of overlord!

Ink-style realistic graphics and magnificent world map landscape to see! The game is featured with PC-Level realistic painting style and unique 3D visual effects to create a top three kingdoms fighting feast!

Millions of players gather in the three kingdoms world to build their won power from scratch. Here you can’t predict what will happen in the next second. Only in this real-time strategy game, can you apply the ancient and modern war method to achieve the supremacy of a real king.

Famous generals, counselors and beauties from the three kingdoms period like Caocao, Lvbu, Zhugeliang, Diaochan, Xiaoqiao and Zhenji awaits your command. Various kinds of soldiers and forces can be recruited and upgraded. Now try varied tactics combinations and boom the warfare!

Customer Service:
1. Chat Translation function (in Chinese, English and Indonesian) .
2. 30 new blue generals with bonds in Talent Hall.
3. Enhancing function for special units.
4. Rank II of enhancing function for units and Chariots.
5. 4 new attributes for soldiers: Armor, Penetrate, Combo, and Resist.