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My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure is one of the most popular Role Playing game app that are available that is published by Reality Squared Games. This company create great deal of great games. If you're a fan of Role Playing Gaming apps, I know you will definitely love to play this My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure fantastic game.

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My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure - An Overview

Choose your class, skills, weapons, and dive into intense real-time online co-op dungeon action with your friends!
Download My Heroes now!

Bullet-hell dungeon adventures!
● Are you good enough to lead your hero through random generated pixel art dungeons swarming with bullets, monsters, bullets, BOSSES, bullets, and more bullets?

Say no to fixed builds!
● My Heroes currently offers five unique classes – Fighter, Ranger, Priest, Mage, Ninja.
● Each of them has over 20 skills that you can freely mix and match to create your very own play style.
● Every combo is a good combo, there's no set meta!

Weapons, weapons everywhere!
● From simple RPG-staples like swords, guns, fancy world-ending superweapons, to… pixel art giant fishes, bananas, and donuts!?
● Yes! Just defeat the BOSSES, and all 100+ unique weapons and 1000+ pieces of gear will be up for grabs!

Classic pixel art co-op fun!
● Where’s the fun if you can’t share all that with your friends? Invite your friends to My Heroes now!
● You can even go on adventures immediately with our free-level party system!
● Friends all offline? Shout-out on the chat, join a guild, or how about the auto-matching system?

I used to be an adventurer like you, until I became the pixel art fashion guru!
● My Heroes features an intricate multi-slot paper doll system with hundreds of top-notch pixel art cosmetic items.
● Will you be the one to lead the fashion of the Abyss?

Be a hero. Leave a mark. Make a difference.
● The Adventurers’ Diary features the heroic deeds, wisdom, and (of course!) epic fail moments of past players.
● Complete achievements, earn stars, and unveil the secrets. Who knows, one day you may be the one to leave your words on it!

Never-ending surprises!
● Random loots, random dungeons, random BOSSES, the possibilities are endless!

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