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Live Portrait Maker: Girls - An Overview

**The guy version is out! 💕**
Create your own fashionable, animated 2.5D girl 😊
・ 。
Features 💝:
❍ Tap to look 👀
❍ Style from 73 facial features & 44 outfits😍
❍ 12 dynamic, cool effects 😎
❍ Highly customizable👍
❍ Casual, sweet 😇 or devious 😈 looks!

・ 。
❍。∴。 *
  ・ *゚。   *
  ・ ゚*。・゚❍。。
    ☆゚・。°*. ゚
*  ゚。·*・。 ゚*
    ゚ *.。☆。❍。・。
    * ☆ 。・゚*.。
     * ❍。 ゚・。 * 。
     ・   ゚☆ 。

This smol thing was created by me, Angela He, in a week. Reach me at twitter (@zephybite) or tumblr ( Thanks for checking it out!

・ 。

All code + art can be found on Github ( under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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