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Helicopter Sim Flight Simulator Air Cavalry Pilot - An Overview

Enjoy Carrier operations, landings and combat missions starting from USS Nimitz. Choose helicopter gunship and join into the warzone in Afghanistan or Vietnam battlefield. In Air Cavalry flight simulator you are a helicopter pilot, gunner, fighter, rescue or transport pilot.

“Air Cavalry Flight simulator is the most realistic combat game with helicopters”

"Best flight sim with Apache helicopter out there..."

Get into the cockpit of the chopper gunship and fly Apache, Chinook or other most advanced helicopters in the world, including the UH-60 Black Hawk, MV-22B Osprey, CH-47 Chinook, AH-64 Apache, UH-1 Iroquois, OH-6 Cayuse, AH-1Z Cobra, CH-53 Super Stallion, Eurocopter Tiger, Kiowa Warrior, Mi-24 Hind, Ka-50 Black Shark or Mi-8 Hip helicopter in various regional environments, building on your flying skills and experience. Enjoy infinite flight in legendary helicopters like a real combat pilot.

You will experience the flight in famous combat & rescue aircraft.
Test your precision helicopter pilot skills, combat gunner skills and your own strategy planning.

This flight sim / game offers well known aircraft / chopper types like Chinook, Cobra, Huey, Apache Longbow, Hind as well as super modern aircraft like Blackhawk, Stealth hawk, v22 Osprey, Tiger, Kiowa and more.
Choose from 15 choppers right now.

In this chopper game You will fly in Afghanistan, snow environment with huge mountains, desert, Vietnam forrests, big cities or carrier ops in the middle of the ocean.

Air Cavalry helicopter flight simulator game offers next-gen console like quality graphics, ultimate physics of aircrafts and weapons.

- Join a Carrier Operations on USS Nimitz or Admiral Kuznetsov!
- Fight and rescue in Afghanistan or Vietnam!

Use your flight radar and weapon systems to practice engaging buildings and moving vehicles. (tanks, cars, boats, airplanes...)


- 15 aircraft (more in developement)
- Carrier Operations on USS Nimitz CVN 68
- Transport operations with CH-47 Chinook or CH-53 Super Stallion helicopters
- Apache front (gunners) and back seat (pilot) positions
- Multiple regional environments
- Refuel and rearm aircraft to continue flights
- Destroyable buildings
- Realistic 3D virtual cockpits
- Realistic weapon management and targeting systems
- Realistic weapon system physics engine
- And much more in development

The continuing development of our advanced helicopter flight simulator will bring new aircraft and missions, so check back often!

If you are looking for the most complex helicopter game get Air Cavalry Flight Simulator!
- NEW helicopter RAH-66 Comanche and HH60 PaveHawk
- new missions
- new terrain Vietnam
- new textures and some models for airbase
- new propeller animations
- new ground dust from propellers
- UH-1 main rotor moving cyclic
- Free Flight waypoint for better orientation back to the airbase
- new sound for Apache chain-gun
- wheel brakes force improved (press both pedals for brake)
- re-fueling and re-arming fix
- Master caution switch button to mute warning sound if you are damaged

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