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AMONG THE DEAD ONES™ is probably the most widely used Simulation gaming app available in the market that is published by Nicky Lee. This company design large amount of great games. For those that are a fan of Simulation Game apps, I believe you are sure to like playing this AMONG THE DEAD ONES™ unique game.

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Scavenge, Fight and Survive until your very last breath. Explore the eerie town of Autumn County, Connecticut, to find Food, Water, Weapons, and anything else that will help your chances of survival against The Dead Ones.

-Realistic Graphics, Powered by Unreal Engine 4.
-Explore the town, loot every structure that you can find in the game.
-Search for Food, Water and Weapons to stay alive.
-Day & Night Cycle.
-Realistic Animations for almost every action you do.
-Various Weapons to find (will add more in 0.2)
-Realistic Combat | Push, Attack, and Dismember The Dead Ones.
-An Emotional, Eerie, and Atmospheric Soundtrack.
-TONS of Brand-New features and New Content coming via Updates!

This is just the beginning of ATDO, as i will be updating the game periodically, adding Brand New Content, Brand New Features and fixing annoying bugs!

Gathering, Scrapping & Crafting:
-You'll be able to scrap materials from Junk Items or Items you don't use, to craft completely new items!
-Working Crafting System
-Gather various items from the world and add them to recipes for crafting!
Brand New Character Model:
There isn't a character model yet, But in future updates, the player will choose between Male or Female.
-More buildings, towns, and cities to explore.
-Bigger World to explore.
-The current world is just temporary. I plan on adding a completely new, dense world in a future update.
-More landmarks to see and explore.
Complete DEAD ONES Overhaul:
-Combat Overhaul.
-Zombie Variations (runners, crawlers etc)
-AI Overhaul.
-And more.
Combat Gameplay Overhaul:
-More Tighter and grounded Combat Features.
-More items and Weapons to find.
-There's going to be A LOT of items and weapons.
Brand New Gameplay Systems:
-Hunting & Skinning.
-Bleeding System.
-Generators & Power
-Object Placement (Pickup items and place them wherever u want, just like Fallout)
-Weapon Upgrades, Maitnance & Fortification, Base Building, Generators.
-Experience and Leveling up systems
-RPG Elements
-NPCs and Wildlife
-Weather & Seasons
-And more!
Local & Online Multiplayer:
-8 Players Local | 32 Players Online.
-Host & Join Servers!
Equipment System:
-Customize your character with Clothes, Armor, and Accessories that you find in the world.
Character Movement Overhaul:
Better Performance:
-Better Performance on Mobile Devices.
UI, HUD & Controls OVERHAUL:
-Better HUD
-Completely New UI
-Better Inventory/Crafting/Equipment system and UI
-More Intuitive Touch Controls
-Controller Support

And a LOT more, with the help of your ideas and suggestions!

Hope you enjoy the game while you wait for some Hotfixes and version 0.2
(0.2 is gonna be a big update)

(AMONG THE DEAD ONES was developed by a team of one person, with countless hours put in, and a huge amount of dedication, determination, and hard-work)
Test: 0.1.0

What does this update include?:
-Bigger Map
-Dead Ones to kill
-Punching Mechanics
-Weapons to use
-Small area to explore

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