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Sengoku Fubu - An Overview

Sengoku Fubu recreates epic conflict across ancient Japan, the upheaval throughout regional lords. All of them rise to fill the vacuum of weakened central authority of Emperor of Japan.
Combining turn-based campaign of conquest with gripping real-time strategy battles, Sengoku Fubu redefines the history in an age of heroes and legends.
Come and play Sengoku Fubu with global players in one server!

--Become a Lord of Sengoku: develop your terrain to conquer the map and unify the state
--Choose wisely: over 150 legendary characters from Sengoku period can be recruited
--Behold the beauty of authentic Ukiyoe: hundreds of cities and heroes in this floating world have been reproduced

-Each Hero has their own skills and abilities
-Create powerful officer teams to conquer the map
-Deploy different type of troops to counter different enemy

-- Raise your army and master strategy to rule the battlefield and live out your own fantasy in Sengoku period
--Defend your cities and protect the source of resources
--Win the match and establish your own state
--Build school and help your men

--Win the victory together with your friend
--Send reinforcements and clash against rivals

Will you win a stunning battle with your ally, or fight alone to against the whole world, or fall victim to the other great lords of Sengoku in this RTS game? The choice is up to you. Remember, only best strategy will rule the battlefield.
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