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FINAL BLADE - An Overview

When the empire has been invaded, The king has abandoned his throne. His only son, “Black Prince” was left to defend the realm alongside with his royal guards.

The war brought death upon the oriental world. Among the hopeless battles, retreating seems to be the only way for Black Prince and his royal guards .

The empire is waiting for hope…
It’s time to unite the heroes! Rise together and free the empire!


■ High-quality visual graphics and design ■
- Striking gameplay effects.
- Meet tons of unique classic oriental heroes.
- Enjoy the adventure in oriental fantasy world.

■ Fulfill gaming desires ■
- Unlimited Sapphire provided in Adventure Mode.
- Free daily gacha for player to collect heroes.

■ Hero collecting and strategic gameplay ■
- Assemble over 300 unique and exuberant heroes.
- Evolve your heroes to the max by enhance, upgrade and advent
- Design your own combat strategy.

■ Various of game features ■
- Duel : Confront worldwide player in real-time duel.
- Clans : Draw the battle between clans and the raid boss with clan mates.
- World Raid : Unite with worldwide players to dominate the world boss.
- Black Money : Chase the black money to earn special gold.
- Endless Tower : Proven your strength in Endless Tower.
- Destiny : Collect heroes to discover their hidden stories.

■ New users event ■
- 7 days login : Get free 5★ hero, Sapphires and hero summon ticket.
- Play Time : Online for certain times to get free rice, gold, sweep tickets and Sapphires.
- Clearing Chapter : Finish chapter in Adventure Mode to archeive 2,000 Sapphires.
- Heroe's Journey : Complete missions to get heroes summon ticket, Sapphire and gold
- Collecting Star : Collecting stars in Adventure Mode to achieve Sapphire and 5★ heroes bottle
- Play more to get more rewards everyday!

■ Official Community ■
※ Facebook


※ Website

■ Recommended Device Spec ■
- CPU : 1.7 GHz or above
- Ram : 2GB
- Memory : 3 GB
- AOS 4.1 / Galaxy S4
Update Note_2019/03/12
1.Added season event “Leifeng Pagoda”
2.Added new content “Dohwa Gate”
3.Added character costumes
4.Added new adventure chapters (21~24)
5.Added new heroes
6.Added equipment 6* tier 1-5
7.Added Special shop [FB Point Shop]
8.New event mission bingo
9.Changed App icon and Intro BG
10.Added New Package items
11.Fixed Minor bugs

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