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Epic Conquest is a well known Role Playing Android game in the market that is published by Gaco Games. This company code a large amount of great games. If you are a fan of Role Playing Game apps, I believe you are sure to love to play this Epic Conquest unique game.

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Epic Conquest - An Overview

An amazing game crafted with love and burning passion by a small team of 2 guys. After 3 years of development, this game is finally ready to be enjoyed by everyone!

Epic Conquest is a classic single-player Action RPG with special touch in the combat and story, giving the experience you’ve never had in other free offline RPGs.

It’s not a “pay to win” game. You can achieve everything for free. Best gears? Max Level? No amount of money can buy them. Only your effort that matters!

What are you waiting for? Just download now and let the game speak for itself!

[Game Features]

☆ Amazing Hack and Slash Action!
- Intense and strategic combat. Learn enemies behavior and find the chance to strike!
- Choose between 4 playable characters with totally different playstyles
- Fluid Control System! No autoplay! You have full control of everything
- 4 Levels of Difficulty! Beat harder difficulty for even more rewards

☆ Beautiful Story
- Fantasy Romance story that will not disappoint you
- Visual Novel style dialogue with character expressions
- Beautiful CG Illustrations you can find throughout the story
- Uncover the Epic Ending!

☆ Freedom of character build
- Classic Attribute Distribution (STR / AGI / INT / VIT) to match your desirable playstyle
- Gear Appraisal that lets you choose your preferred build
- Even more customization from Gear Socketing

☆ Unique Skills and Perks
- Each character has heroic perks (innate abilities) to differentiate playstyle
- Level Up to unlock all 4 Skills and 4 Masteries
- Skill Level System : The more you use a skill, the stronger it will be
- Mastery System : Distribute the Mastery Point wisely to match your build

☆ Classic Blacksmith and Equipment System
- Kill Enemy bosses to get the materials for crafting your best gear
- Upgrade your gear from Common to Rare to Epic, and maximize its potential up to +20
- Appraise your gear to find the best status that match your character build
- Socket gears using Jewels! It’s up to you to become a Skill Spammer, Lifestealer, Furious Madman, or anything

☆ Variety of Costumes to Collect
- Buy Costumes for your beloved character to change his/her appearance, and get a decent boost of power.

☆ Achievements
- Beat the game and complete all 27 Achievements available.
- Level Up your Play Games account!

☆ Cloud Save
- Epic Conquest uses Google Cloud Save service
- You can save and load between devices. Never lose your progress!

☆ Other Great Features
- Simple yet beautiful old-school graphics
- Very lightweight. Can be played in old devices
- Doesn't consume much power. Totally battery-friendly
- Offline. You can play anywhere without internet connection
- No need to pay or watch Ads, unless you want to support us!
> Removed Leaderboard (still so many bugs) :'(
> Attempt to Fix Wyvern Master viewer

[Update Highlight]
> Challenge : Infinity Fortress
> Blacksmith : Transcend
> Reworked Timed PrizeBox
> Weapon Transmog
> 8 New Premium Costumes!

[Bug Fixes and Adjustments]
> Can't feed companion
> Hunger Notification
> Increase Costume chance from Prize Box

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