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Alien Force War: Earth Protector is a well known Arcade game available in the market that is published by Sticky Video Games. This company code a great deal of great games. If you are a fan of Arcade Games, I know you certainly will love to play this Alien Force War: Earth Protector amazing game.

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Alien Force War: Earth Protector - An Overview

Alien Force War: Earth Protector the hero of destruction 3d game ever played. Play the rescue mission in a grand city in different missions: war force vilgax attack the 10 transformations, earth force protector, the omnitrix battle and the 10 set of four arms help heroes to make use of his 10 forms power to overcome all the danger to become an earth defender.

How to play missions of protector of earth alien:

- Vilgax attacks alien would battle a horde of mysterious baddies with the help of his heatblast ten transformations.
- Missions within the protector ben fighting battle the villains.
- Beat the galactic force racing and eliminate the monsters within battling with the rise of ten hex.
- Players can battle to save the world through the game's diverse challenges, puzzles and missions.


- Cosmic destruction alien ultimate addictive 3d actions missions and stages within the gameplay
- Battle the boss with four arms then he will beat you up go use accelerate use his special at the buttons then use 10 transformations to ride the ramp and hit him
- Double jump to the floating plant and hold X, when you're near choosing heatblast the floating plant, wait until you swing to the direction you want, and then press X again to get on
- If you have collected 2 sumo of slammer cards then before going in the elevator jump on the 4th platform.


- More than ten missions’ war fighting scenes in the game
- Fighting standing Alien Force War: Earth Protector
- The fighting of a more missions taking control of the gameplay
- Easy controller touch pad X, Triangle, Square, and the Circle pad
- High resolution graphics and a great 3D graphics
- Rescue Missions game music no copyright sounds effects
- Perfect game control through control pad like on console games for android
Missions within the vilgax attacks ben force alien battle the villains

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